About us

Juso Miporiti was created by two best friends that saw an opportunity to open their own brand. A brand that focuses on inclusivity whilst guaranteeing cute gym outfits. 

The creation of Juso has always been seen as an unachievable idea. A silly idea that two childhood friends had always talked about but 'obviously' would never actually do. Because kids always have crazy ideas, right? We are constantly told that we can dream and imagine, but what about taking action and believing that you can make that dream a reality? 

In 2023, we are proud to say that we have created our brand. Today, we can create our own collections and bring to the market a new brand that will outstand from the crowd. 

Everything is new. It is a risk. But along with inspiring other women to take action - this being one of the few woman-led brands, our brand aims to promote and motivate others to embrace their shape and self just as they are and take action towards achieving their dreams.

Our first photoshoot.