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Gym Ballerina

Gym Ballerina

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Look as impressive as a ballerina on a stage in the gym with our JUSO bolero.

These boleros are made with extra stretchy material and can be worn for your next workout or your day-to-day fit. The hand embroidery gives the bolero that cute lil' extra oomph. 

  • Hand embroidered logo 
  • Thumbhole 
  • Stretchy and Breathable material 
  • 100% Polyester 



How to keep your items as good as new for as long as possible:

  • Choose cold wash over hot wash

why? A cold wash will help preserve the item's original form. It guarantees buttery soft fabric and lowers the risk of other clothes affecting the color of your items. Choose temperatures like 20°C or 40°C.

P.S. It's also more environmentally friendly

  • Choose air dry or tumble dry on low

why? Air drying or tumble drying on low will help preserve your items' original state, including their shape and fabric feel.

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